Conclusion of tutorial (17-Oct-2017)

Conclusion of tutorial

Date: 17-Oct.-2017

Edward.JIA (Hongyi Jia)

ID: JIA16500432

 After the tutorial, I have gained a great number of skills and knowledge about artists and how to develop my works in the future. To be honest, I have acquired so many information and knowledge about colour composition in contemporary art which can help me to continue me works in Unit 1.

I made a research for colour composition and artist’s artworks for better absorption…

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(Pool with Two Figures) 1972, David Hockney

 (Peter Getting Out of Nick’s Pool) 1966 David Hockney  


Great works must have great colour, which always gives us different emotion. Contemporary painting has more focus on colour matching, which made their artworks special. For example, David Hockney’s always use shallow colour such as moss green, misty gray, shocking pink, turquoise blue and even oyster white to create their works, but in other works, navy blue, purple violet, maroon is also used. Although, he used a great number of different colour, the whole picture is often in harmony. Sometimes, he amazing colour composition would make us have more focus on the flow of the colour rather than shapes.

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However, he is not the only artist that make us feel the only artist that make us feel the charms of colours, and great colour composition not only just appear in painting, but also, sometimes appear in sculpture or installation. Spencer Finch, who was born on 1962 in New Haven is an American artist. As matter of fact, Spencer Fine would like use different materials to explore their works and create their artworks, such as metal, lights, glass, and even wood to create their works, he is a very successful artist which use the elements of colour compositions in his works. For example, is also a master of colours. In one of his famous artwork was called Trying to Remember the Colour of The Sky on That September Morning. When we at first time to appreciate that work, maybe we are fall in love with this colour, which was made of by a series of blue colours, such as, indigo blue, sapphire, peacock blue, and Cambridge blue. As this work, Spencer Finch created this work by looking at the colour of the sky in the visual change, and he gave us a different emotion from colours.

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In conclusion, In the future, I think, I need spend time study colour of composition  in the future, and when I want to create artworks, before that, I need notice the properties of pigments, such as contrast colour, complementary colour, colour purity, colour lightness, and even colour assortment. Then, I will learn more artists and their artworks especially  in their background, their  deeper meaning in their  artworks that can help me to inspire my works and development my ideas.

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Research for Spy and Secret War

Research for Spy and Secret War

Date:  15-10-2017

Location:  Imperial War Museum

Investigator:  Edward.JIA


also known as the Security Service, was established in 1909 but it was only eighty years later that its role was formal and publicly defined. The responsibility of the Service shall be: the protection of national security and, in particular protection against environmental from espionage, terrorism and sabotage, from the activities of agents of foreign powers and from measures intended to overthrow or undermine parliamentary democracy by political, industrial or violent means

Security Service Act 1989,1. (2)


the Secret Intelligence Service, was created in 1909 but its role and very existence was not recognized recognized until the Intelligence Services Act of 1994 which stated that its functions were: a) to obtain and provide information relating to the actions or intentions of persons outside the British Islands b) to perform other tasks relating to the actions or intentions of such persons.

Intelligence Services Act 1994 1. (1)


Secret communications continued to play a vital role in intelligence The ever-increasing sophistication of economy brought faster and more efficient transmission of wireless signals. However, methods of interception electronic surveillance also continued to develop.


MI6’s orientation changed with the end of the Cold War but the need to learn the secrets and intentions of the nation’s potential enemies and economic rivals as important as ever.

SPY in history


Soviet Spy Anthony Blunt was recruited as a Soviet agent in 1933 at Cambridge University. In 1940, he joined MIS and immediately processed passing information to the Soviet Union. He later had a professional career as an art historian and was knighted in 1956.He was unmasked in 1963 but the Government submission him immunity in return for information. His role as a spy was kept secret until 1979 In this audio clip Barbara Price-Smith, a secretary for MIS from 1 940 to 1 944, telling her memories of Blunt.


Double Agent Dusko Popov was working as a lawyer in Yugoslavia when he was recruited by the Abwehr (German military intelligence) in 1 940, He informed the British Legation and was recruited as a double agent by M15 and M16. By passing disinformation to his German handlers, Popov-known as Agent Tricycle-played an integral part in Operation Fortitude-the D-Day deception plan to disguise the time and place for the expected Allied landings.

You cannot imagine how it feels to be betrayed by someone you have worked side by side with unless you have been through it yourself.                                                 ——–DICK WHITE


I do not see my self as a hero, or a traitor… I did not change sides because of blackmail or torture. I offered my services voluntarily.                                          —— (IN IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM SECRET WAR EXHIBITION ROOM)

Professional spy equipment (photography by myself)


Proposal of Practice Workshop (Unit 1)

Proposal of Practice Workshop


Edward.JIA (Hongyi Jia)

Title: Hero or Sinner?


Section 1: Progress and Achievement


As time goes on, I have finished my foundation course on May 2017. However, I have acquired substantial knowledge about contemporary artists and artworks, which encouraged me to created my own artworks through developed my ideas. To be honest, I am studying in Chelsea now and a new project will be opened.

(word count: 52)

Chicken shed, (Rachel Whiteread,2017)

Untitled (Nine Tables), (Rachel Whiteread,1998)

Autumnal Cannibalism, (Salvador Dali, 1936)

Metamorphosis of Narcissus, (Salvador Dali, 1937)

Section 2: Context


I have been influenced greatly by a great number of artists. For example, one of the most obvious characteristics is that Rachel Whiteread’s artworks is explored the space in our life (such as doors, windows, chairs, even stairs) in her work which encouraged me found something in our life and put them in our ideas and developed my works. Another artist was influenced me who was Dali. In my point of view, Dali’s work always gives me a kind of hallucinations and imagination when I went to galleries to saw his works every time. In his painting and sculpture, he used his own stories and communicated with unrelated things even rebuild logical in their works. Finally, I decided to use a story and photos of two buildings in London which have nothing to do with it and created a work.

(word count: 140)

picture of MI6

Take photo on 344 bus line

Picture of Imperial War Museum




Section 3: Project Proposal Aims

Methods and Realization


As for this work, my idea is from spy and background is in the Cold War. At that time the USA and USSR (CCCP, Russia) wanted to know the information about weapon and cutting-edge technology with each other, besides on news, communication and diplomacy. They sent spies to each other to spy each other. Sometimes spies life always be in dangerous and once the captive may represent the end of their life. Even through various chamoes and ways to be returned to their own country, they will suffer from distrust of the eyes and a variety of discrimination.

One of best example of the spy who was from TaiWan and he was a polite. From 1945-1978, TaiWan has a very interesting actor in the world which its geographical advantage as the US to detected a forward position in mainland China (the People’s Republic of China), so TaiWan’s government and government of the US decided to use Spotter Plane (RB-17, P2V-7U, RB-69, RB-57 and U2 [Dragon Lady]) to detected mainland and Photograph would be shared. America provided plane and polite were provided by TaiWan, because of icon, the team was called Black Cat SQUADRON, the then was changed to Black Bats Squadron.


The story talked about polite and his wife. At that time, a polite derived his plane for his mission, and his plane was attacked by the surface-to-air missiles, luckily, he alieved and then he was captured by mainland’s soldiers but his wife thought her husband dead because she just knew the news by TaiWan, she did not know her husband alieved. Past more than ten years, When the polite came back, his wife has been remarried and many people thought he death before ten years, so he had to found his new life.


As for me, I think spy just a worker who they are working for their own country, I never think they are sinner, because every country has this a group of people, include China, USA, UK, Russia… I think, when they finish mission and come back home, whether it is captured or taken away, all of them, they are called heroes. So, this is reason why I want to create this work and inspired people to take care of their heroes who belongs to their own country.


I would like to use that story and two buildings which is always interested to me, one is MI6, and other is Imperial War Museum.

In my view, I think, the collections in Imperial War Museum in many years ago were secret and they always as a mainly focused for spies, and M16 has been a secret intelligence service. I want to rebuild some context and logical with them. When I first time think of this project which the elements were from some museums, old things, old buildings, old history, old photos, and signify the importance of creativity for artists, even some movies (such as 007, Bridge of spy, and Bourne Identity). I will use oil painting to create my work and I believe I will be build a great work in the future and inspired people to thinking.

(Word count: 520)

Movie, Bridge of spy

Movie, 007

movie, Bourne Identity






Section 4: Evaluation

I would use my sketch books to draw the sketch and explore more ways to try and make more research for artists, the Cold War, plane and more. I would use my blog as well and order to record my reflections and thoughts through the creation of my first work in Chelsea.

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Research forRachel Whiteread, Marlene Dumas and Salvador Dali

Contemporary art has been influenced the people and their life many  years.  Some people believe that artworks  just limited to traditional skils. However, it has been developed by artists  and changed a lot. In my point of view, I think there are three major changes in contemporary artworks: the view of observation, the colour compositions and the way of creating works of art. In this post, I would like to talk  about the work of Rachel Whiteread, Marlene Dumas, and Salvador Dali, and discuss how their artworks  developed the contemporary art.

First of all, the angle of observation are changed by artists, one of the best example is Rachel Whiteread and their artworks, who was born on 1963, and she has spent most of time created their artworks and lived in London. However, the angle of her observation in her works always give us different feeling and even inspired us to thinking something.  Sometimes, Rachel Whiteread’s artworks always give people  simple and crude, monotonous, boring, and feeling engaged in the art of excessive and easy to dissolute at the first  time  to see. However I think Rachel Whiteread’s work also has deep meaning. People often immerse themselves in a fixed thought like animals to forage, bird to fly, and they sometimes be supervised when they find something break the normal thinking of things, Rachel Whiteread always use different view to create her artworks and develop their ideas. Sometimes the ideas are from our simple life, such as furniture, household goods, public seats, doors, windows, even houses. For example on one of her famous artwork —[Untitled (Stairs)2001]. The first impression of this sculpture is that it just turns the turning point of a staircase into a model and then puts it in the showroom, and when we look at this work carefully, we will find that work of this very similar staircase is actually the volume of a staircase opposite to the volume of the art.

    Untitled (Stairs) 2001 Rachel Whiteread born 1963 Purchased from funds provided by the Art Fund and Tate Members 2003


    Secondly, with the maturity of pigment production technology and the pursuit of colour matching, a great number of artists pay attention to the collocation and application of colours. In fact, the earliest  oil painting pigment  was created by 15 century in Netherlands, and pigment has been development. On the one hand, great works must be have great material to create, not only they can provide a products of great quality for artists, but also can help collector to collection, on  the other hand, artists always use different  colour to give visitor different emotion. For example, Marlene Dumas always use some of shallow grey to create their works. For instance, one of her famous artworks —-[Whom the Bell Tolls (2008)], this artwork always give me some emotion such as dark, sad, even hopeless when I first time to saw that colour on canvas. Dumas used  so many warm colour on that women face in that work, such as scarlet, shocking pink, pink, salmon, salmon brown, and plum, as for background, she used colder colour such as slate blue, slategray, teal, and a little bit yellow green, which wanted to give some contrast with main body.

    Marlene Dumas For Whom the Bell Tolls 2008


    Last but not least, from traditional artworks to contemporary arts, artists has been tried to use different way to created their artworks and all of them want to make their works special. For instance, Monte used his lifetime to explored the combination of light and colour. Picasso spent a great number of time found evidence  of his cubism. I think, one of the famous artist used his works putted people into the surrealism and created their own ways for painting who was Dali. As matter of fact, when we see Dali’s artworks, always give us different feeling at first time, such as illusory, incredible, and gorgeous. I think, Dali used a combination of dreams and reality to create his art, such as painting, sculptures and installation. Sometimes, he combined many unconnected things to establish his own logical relationship. “Mountain Lake demonstrates Dalí’s use of the multiple image: the lake can simultaneously be seen as a fish. By such doubling he sought to challenge rationality. The painting combines personal and public references.”(Gallery label, December 2005) In this work(Mountain Lake 1938), we can see an old telephone handset and handset is supported by the harpoon and there is a snail on the handset. With the focus view of the background, there is a quiet lake in front of the mountains and give us quiet and sad atmosphere.

    Mountain Lake 1938 Salvador Dali 1904-1989 Purchased 1975


    In conclusion,contemporary art has been developed  by artists, and sometimes give people different  emotion  and feelings. In this year, I want to learn more artists and their artworks which can inspired  me to develop my own works, refresh  my ideas.

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    Body of Art

    I mainly focused on traditional methods and skills such as traditional oil painting, before I came in to the Foundation course . (02-10-16)

    I have acquired substantial knowledge about contemporary artists and artworks which encouraged me to convey my ideas through the new develop materials . (04-04-17)

    With the depth of art learning, I try to shift my focus gradually which think about social issues from an individual perspective.

    In many people eyes, painting is only limited to traditional landscape and portrait, however, they have been changed a lot in many years. In my point of view, I think contemporary painting not only give us a simple emotion but also maybe they can response some deep meaning and problem of society. However, I try to study a great number of artists and their artworks and study how to create my own artworks .
    This idea was from my own life and experience in last year, and reflect the authenticity of things. For last year, I always in sink and dropped in worrying about my health. Doctors gave me a check by a X-ray when I came back to my country. So this is reason why I used X-ray to created my work.
    I like try to use different materials to explore and develop my artworks, especially print-making, and I tried to use X-ray film and print together to created this work. I used print-making’s shape to stand for my feel when l was in sink and the painful position.
    People are always confused by the illusion, just as the screen prints for the X-ray film in the bones of the block. One of the best example when we want to buy somethings in market, shop assistant sometimes give us useless or impractical products information, so that we sometimes waste part of the money to blind consumption. But how the quality of the product can only be their own experiment. I think, if we meet some things, we need clam down at first time and then thinking how to do that. (09-10-17)