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Contemporary art has been influenced the people and their life many  years.  Some people believe that artworks  just limited to traditional skils. However, it has been developed by artists  and changed a lot. In my point of view, I think there are three major changes in contemporary artworks: the view of observation, the colour compositions and the way of creating works of art. In this post, I would like to talk  about the work of Rachel Whiteread, Marlene Dumas, and Salvador Dali, and discuss how their artworks  developed the contemporary art.

First of all, the angle of observation are changed by artists, one of the best example is Rachel Whiteread and their artworks, who was born on 1963, and she has spent most of time created their artworks and lived in London. However, the angle of her observation in her works always give us different feeling and even inspired us to thinking something.  Sometimes, Rachel Whiteread’s artworks always give people  simple and crude, monotonous, boring, and feeling engaged in the art of excessive and easy to dissolute at the first  time  to see. However I think Rachel Whiteread’s work also has deep meaning. People often immerse themselves in a fixed thought like animals to forage, bird to fly, and they sometimes be supervised when they find something break the normal thinking of things, Rachel Whiteread always use different view to create her artworks and develop their ideas. Sometimes the ideas are from our simple life, such as furniture, household goods, public seats, doors, windows, even houses. For example on one of her famous artwork —[Untitled (Stairs)2001]. The first impression of this sculpture is that it just turns the turning point of a staircase into a model and then puts it in the showroom, and when we look at this work carefully, we will find that work of this very similar staircase is actually the volume of a staircase opposite to the volume of the art.

    Untitled (Stairs) 2001 Rachel Whiteread born 1963 Purchased from funds provided by the Art Fund and Tate Members 2003


    Secondly, with the maturity of pigment production technology and the pursuit of colour matching, a great number of artists pay attention to the collocation and application of colours. In fact, the earliest  oil painting pigment  was created by 15 century in Netherlands, and pigment has been development. On the one hand, great works must be have great material to create, not only they can provide a products of great quality for artists, but also can help collector to collection, on  the other hand, artists always use different  colour to give visitor different emotion. For example, Marlene Dumas always use some of shallow grey to create their works. For instance, one of her famous artworks —-[Whom the Bell Tolls (2008)], this artwork always give me some emotion such as dark, sad, even hopeless when I first time to saw that colour on canvas. Dumas used  so many warm colour on that women face in that work, such as scarlet, shocking pink, pink, salmon, salmon brown, and plum, as for background, she used colder colour such as slate blue, slategray, teal, and a little bit yellow green, which wanted to give some contrast with main body.

    Marlene Dumas For Whom the Bell Tolls 2008


    Last but not least, from traditional artworks to contemporary arts, artists has been tried to use different way to created their artworks and all of them want to make their works special. For instance, Monte used his lifetime to explored the combination of light and colour. Picasso spent a great number of time found evidence  of his cubism. I think, one of the famous artist used his works putted people into the surrealism and created their own ways for painting who was Dali. As matter of fact, when we see Dali’s artworks, always give us different feeling at first time, such as illusory, incredible, and gorgeous. I think, Dali used a combination of dreams and reality to create his art, such as painting, sculptures and installation. Sometimes, he combined many unconnected things to establish his own logical relationship. “Mountain Lake demonstrates Dalí’s use of the multiple image: the lake can simultaneously be seen as a fish. By such doubling he sought to challenge rationality. The painting combines personal and public references.”(Gallery label, December 2005) In this work(Mountain Lake 1938), we can see an old telephone handset and handset is supported by the harpoon and there is a snail on the handset. With the focus view of the background, there is a quiet lake in front of the mountains and give us quiet and sad atmosphere.

    Mountain Lake 1938 Salvador Dali 1904-1989 Purchased 1975


    In conclusion,contemporary art has been developed  by artists, and sometimes give people different  emotion  and feelings. In this year, I want to learn more artists and their artworks which can inspired  me to develop my own works, refresh  my ideas.

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