Body of Art

I mainly focused on traditional methods and skills such as traditional oil painting, before I came in to the Foundation course . (02-10-16)

I have acquired substantial knowledge about contemporary artists and artworks which encouraged me to convey my ideas through the new develop materials . (04-04-17)

With the depth of art learning, I try to shift my focus gradually which think about social issues from an individual perspective.

In many people eyes, painting is only limited to traditional landscape and portrait, however, they have been changed a lot in many years. In my point of view, I think contemporary painting not only give us a simple emotion but also maybe they can response some deep meaning and problem of society. However, I try to study a great number of artists and their artworks and study how to create my own artworks .
This idea was from my own life and experience in last year, and reflect the authenticity of things. For last year, I always in sink and dropped in worrying about my health. Doctors gave me a check by a X-ray when I came back to my country. So this is reason why I used X-ray to created my work.
I like try to use different materials to explore and develop my artworks, especially print-making, and I tried to use X-ray film and print together to created this work. I used print-making’s shape to stand for my feel when l was in sink and the painful position.
People are always confused by the illusion, just as the screen prints for the X-ray film in the bones of the block. One of the best example when we want to buy somethings in market, shop assistant sometimes give us useless or impractical products information, so that we sometimes waste part of the money to blind consumption. But how the quality of the product can only be their own experiment. I think, if we meet some things, we need clam down at first time and then thinking how to do that. (09-10-17)